About Little Kangaroo

The Idea

Nothing too ingenious here. As my interest in affiliate marketing as hotted up over recent months I found myself constantly piss-farting around digging out login url's for the main affiliate networks I use. On top of that when abroad, and bored in the nearest internet cafe/boozer, it was always a nightmare trying to remember the affiliate logins. Passwords are not a problem (as of course you remember them anyway) but try logging in to google adwords when you've had a few beers in Budapest! Anyhow that's where this idea came from. If anyone actually comes across this site and finds it useful please let me know. Also any ideas or suggestions are welcomed as I plan to add a few juicy extras in the near future.

The Name

As for the "name" littlekangaroo.com - absolutely no significance there - just a domain name I had lying around, and easy enough to remember - easy enough that is if you can remember how to spell kangaroo! You can always Add to Favorites if you think the page is helpful.


As for "Me"... Can't say too much ;-)

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